Mounting station

UV 801 is a mounting station, perfect for training from drawing to finished project.
It has field instruments, cross connection box (field), cable ladder, cross connection, panel mounted instruments.

– Drawings. Panel, electrical, pneumatic.
– Cable marking.
– Cable fixing.
– Cable connections.
– Check out.


Laboratory exercises
Two different loops can be installed on the training station
– Measurement loop
– Control loop

– Making hooles
– Mounting of panel instruments
– Mounting of Main distribution Frame, MDF
– Mounting of socket in cross connection box
– Mounting of field instruments
– Installation of signal cable between panel and MDF
– Marking of cabels for panel and MDF
– Connection of panel instruments and MDF
– Installation of signal cable between cross connection box and MDF
– Mounting of conduit entry in cross connection box
– Marking of cables and conductors in crossconnection box and MDF
– Installation of socket in cross connection box
– Installation of cables between cross connection box and field instruments
– Marking of cables and conductors at field instruments and cross connection box
– Check out
– Factory acceptance test (FAT).

– Two wood fiber boards
– Instrument panel
– PI-Controller
– Digital indicator
– Stabilized power supply 24 V DC.
– Cross connection box
– Pneumatic actuator
– Pressure regulator for instrument air
– Temperature transmitter Pt 100 with temperature converter 4-20 mA
– I/P-converter
– Cable ladder with brackets
– Cableway
– Cables for five mountings
– Cable markings for five mountings
– Cross connection sockets
– DIN rail
– Cable tie
– Conduit entrys
– Spare mounting boards
– Screw, cable clamps etc

– Training manual UV 801
– Instrument manuals.

The following is required for check out and FAT:
– 230 VAC, 50 Hz.
– Instrument air. Pressure: min 3 bar, max 10 bar.
– Multimeter.