Temperature control of water with SP-programming

The process control model UV 500/501 is designed for studying the temperature control with combination of controlling both heating and cooling. The set point can be fixed or programmed by ramps and soaks. The student can easily configure his own set point program and study the result in the process.
The model UV 500/501 is equipped with a microprocessor based reporter/recorder which gives a lot of possibilities of training in configuration of span, input, limits, alarms, expansions, alarm messages and so on, see separate specification.
The model UV 500/501 is equipped with a water tank with a heating and cooling element and a mixer.
The cooling element must be connected to a water tap. The controller is microprocessorbased and has time proportional outputs (relays) in duplex. Each output has its own PID-sets. Output No. 1 controls the heating, 0 – 50% and No. 2 controls the cooling 50 – 100%. The duration of the on-time on each relay is calculated by the PID- algorithm.
UV 501 is the same training unit as UV 500 except that the panel mounted controller and recorder has been removed. UV 501 is to be used together with UV 720 or UV 730.


Laboratory exercises
  • Configuration of the controller.
  • Configuration of Set Point programming.
  • Configuration of the reporter/recorder.
  • Connection of RTD and T/C.
  • Temperature control with local fixed Set Point
  • On-off control in duplex.
  • Set Point programming of temperature.
  • Exercises in making program records and configuration of different types of Set Point programming.