Flow control with magnetic flow transmitter

UV 200 is a separate transportable control unit of a complete flow process with pump, flow-transmitter, controller, I/P-converter and a control valve. UV 200 can even be used as a complement to process control model UV 103 or UV 400 which then forms a complete water supply unit. The flow control circuit is coupled for cascade control of level process so that exercices in starting-up and study of cascade control can be carried out. Both the controller and the flow-transmitter operate by means of a microprocerssor technique.
The controller has a three mode (PID) function and can, appart from other uses, be configured for different types of alarms, control equations, set point ramp and limits, as well as be coupled for an external set pint and Auto Tune, see separete pamphlet UDC 3000.The magnetic type transmitter has a linear output signal of 4-20 mA. The transmitter consists of two parts, the sensor and the transducer. It can be calibrated in two ways, either by a calculated flow or by means of a graduated measurment tank and timing.
The pneumatic control valve is connected to the current to pressure (I/P) converter.Both the control valve and converter are the same as those used on process control model UV 103.
When using casacade control the output from the controller on UV 103 or UV 400 is coupled to the external set-point on UV 200. The water supply and drainage is also coupled between UV 103 or UV 400 and UV 200. All components are mounted on an ondustrial carriage with wheels which can be locked to give stability.
UV 201 is the same training unit as UV 200 except that the panel mounted controller has been removed. UV 201 is to be used together with UV 720 or UV 730.




Laboratory exercises
UV 200/201 only
  • Calculation – based calibration of the magnetic flow-transmitter.
  • Calibration of the magnetic flow-transmitter by means of volumetric measurment of the flow.
  • Configuration of the micro-processor based controller. (only UV 200)
  • Measurment of loop gain for different flow.
  • Control of flow for various load changes.
  • Optimisation of controller constants in connection with PI-control of the flow according to the calculating sensitivity method.
  • Measurment of the valves characteristics.
  • Auto tuning of controller for different loop gain (flow).
  • Beta-factor. Function and optimization (only UV 201 with UV 720 or UV 730).

UV 103/104 and UV 200/201

  • Constant control of level (process with one – respective two – time constants).
  • Starting-up exercises in connection with cascade control.
  • Cascade control of level with curve analysis for different loads and controller constants (process with one – respective two – time constants).
  • Optimisation of controller with PI/PI and PI/PID control.


UV 200/201 and UV 400/401

  • Cascade control of level with one time constant.
  • Starting-up exercises.
  • Cascade control of level with one time constant.
  • Optimisation of controller with PI/PI and PI/PID control.