Level control with speed controlled pump

UV 110 is a newly developed process control model for basic exercises in process control and instrumentation. UV 110 is equipped with a modern microprocessor based and energy-saving speed-controlled pump . UV 110 is provided with a pressure sensor for the level measurement with “wet leg” . The measurement point can be easily moved between the tanks to get one or two capacitive process . The controller is microprocessor-based and controls a drive which in turn controls the pump. The controller can be configured directly on the front panel or via a program running on a PC . With this software trends can be displayed on the PC.

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Laboratory exercises
– Configuration of the controller on the local front.
– Configuration of the controller via software.
– Adjustment of the level transmitter.
– Step response from one- and two capacity processes.
– Step response from P-, PI-, PD- and PID-controllers and measurements of P-gain, I-time and D-time.
– Automatic control of one capacity process using P- and PI-controller.
– Automatic control of two capacity process using P-, PI-, and PID-controller.
– Optimum settings of the controller constants according to established methods.
– SP ramping.
– Configuration of the drive.
– Trouble shooting.