Level control with control valve

The process control model UV 103 is a further development of the Process Control Model UV 101 and is equipped with modern electronic control instruments.
The model UV 103 has been designed to illustrate the static and dynamic response from controllers in different modes, control loops and processes.
The controller is micro processor based for detailed exercises in configuration. The technique for setting parameters and control constants has greatly changed during the last years through the introduction of configurable controllers. The model UV 103 is a valuable tool to meeting today’s training requirements for this new technique.
This particular controller can be configured for two complete sets of control constants with free switching. The controller can use different control constants for different PV or SP related to a switch value.
UV 104 is the same training unit as UV 103 except that the panel mounted controller and recorder has been removed. UV 104 is to be used together with UV 720 or UV 730.


Laboratory exercises

  • Configuration of the controller.
  • Control using two different sets of constants.
  • Adjustment of the level transmitter.
  • Step response and ramp response from P-, PI-, PD- and PID-controllers and measurements of P-gain, I-time and D-time.
  • Examination of single capacity and two capacity processes and measurement of the time constants.
  • Automatic control of one capacity process using P- and PI-controller.
  • Automatic control of two capacity process using P-, PI-, and PID-controller.
  • Optimum settings of the controller constants according to established methods.
  • Control equation PID-A and PID-B or Beta-factor.
  • SP ramping.
  • Adaptive Tune – Accutune.
  • Demonstration of the differencies between manual control, time control and automatic control (with UV 100-1).