All our training units is complete training systems which includes laboratory exercises.
The units is developed by RIB in cooperation with teachers and the process industry.
They are equipped with standard instruments from international well known brands.

This combination makes our training units very easy and effective to use!

All process control units is now available as process units. The process unit is delivered without controller and recorder, these can be freely choosen by the customer. We recommend UV 720 or UV 730.

No one knows how old a training unit from RIB can get. There are still working units of our first model, UV 100 at some schools. All we can say is that the pay of time can be made very long hence the cost per year very low.

What makes our training units unique?

  • Real Processes – No computer simulation. In addition to a better sense of what actually happens in the process, it also means that the same experiment will not give exactly the same result. Just like in a control loop in a real plant.
  • Standard Industrial Instrument. The student/participant may handle the same types of components as used in the industry’s plant.
  • Well-made training units that clearly shows all theoretical issues.
  • Quick and knowledgeable support for any questions.
  • Customization.
  • Available as a control model and process model. The control model includes local controller and recorder. The process model can be equipped with any control system / controller. We recommend UV720, ABB 800 xA.

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