Industrial Training

We train all personell groups in Process Control and Instrumentation

Training in Process control and Instrumentation
Sweden is one of the leading countries in pulp and paper, steel manufacturing, chemical production and with their own petrochemical industries.
The general trademark for Swedish industries is the over all high technology. High technology must be supported by high skilled employees all the way – from operators and technicians to production and maintenance managers.
High qualified personnel can only be obtained through a very good practical industrial training in small groups.
RIB has been the market leader in Sweden for industrial training in process control during the last 40 years – more or less for all types of process industries.

Training philosophy
RIB has a unique training philosophy using live, real working processes. All participants are individually trained in order to guarantee skilled personnel to the employers. No simulated processes are used – only real processes, equipped with complete control loops and modern industrial standard instrumentation of the latest design.

Custom made
RIB’s training idea is to design the courses after the customers own specification or special needs.
The courses are normally assembled from small modules. RIB also has a very long international experience i.e. as United Nations consultant – analysing training needs for specific groups of employees in different industrial areas.

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