A unique concept

Do you want to:
– Reduce your energy costs
– Use less chemicals in the production process
– Get more from each ton of raw material
– Increase your product quality
– Increase your production rate
– Increase the efficiency of your processes
– Decrease the impact on the environment

All this is possible with existing processes and control system!
How is it possible?
By Optimizing your existing control loops!
How do You do that?
The answer is TRAINING!
By using the RIB concept measurable result is obtained in only a short time.

What makes the RIB training concept unique?
– Hands-On-Training
– Learning-by-doing
– Live processes with Industrial grade field instruments
– RIB-training include consultancies
– A big part of the training is performed on the customers running processes
– Besides the training of the personnel the costumer will get six processes with optimized control loops for every course (one control loop for each participant)
– After finalizing the course the participant have qualified knowledge to continue the work with other processes and loops and continue the optimization of the production on the whole plant.
– It is not uncommon that the course fee will be won back during the course time or after a very short time.

More information (brochures):
– Training in Process Control
– Reference list
– Training plans