Construction Engineers
We have a three step proposal for this personnel category.

Transmitters and final controlelement – Step 1 (K501).
Strategies for measurement and control. Measurement accuracy. Measuring methods for pressure, vacuum, level, flow, temperature, pH, conductivity, consistency, force, torque, gas analyses. Installation techniques  for these transmitters. E.g. Venting, draining, purging of pipes, purging,condensate vessel, length of straight pipe, personnel security, wet and dry reference pipe etc. Control valves, control ability, limitations, control characteristics, pressure drop, cavitation.
Basic Process Control strategy -Step 2 (K502).
Process control philosophy. Process and loop identification.Instability. System gain, load and dead time dependence.
P-PI- and PID- control. Interpretation of oscillations and actions. Process control quality, PV or control valve optimization.
Methods for loop tuning. Un linearity’s –control valve characteristics. Damping, filter constant, sampling rate
Advanced Process Control strategy -Step 3 (K503).
Cascade control. Static feed forward control. Dynamic feed forward control. Static and dynamic control blocks. Smart positioners.Linearization’s.  Characterizations. Parameter control, gain scheduling. System identificationwith PC based tools. Performance monitoring

Process Engineers
For this personnel group we have a two step proposal.

Basic Process control – -Step 1 (K504).
Better understandingforhow the control loop influence the characteristics of the process. Better communication and understanding with other personnel groups. Possibilities and limitations.
Process control continued – Step 2 (K505).
Multivariable systems. Tools for tuning of control loops. Performance monitoring and loop diagnostics.